BIKEPACKING THE ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT:::::::::::: Pt 7, Thaleku to Manang.

I slept well last night. Bereft of the usual horde of hikers, Thaleku was a very quiet place. The only down side wsa the lack of wifi — oh how dependent we are on the Internet even when we yet crave the solitude of the mountains. Continue reading

BIKEPACKING THE ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT:::::::::::: Pt 6, Timang to Thaleku

We had endured a very cold night, and I was glad for the -5C down sleeping bag that kept us snug and warm.

I was feeling rather knackered, not just from the hard going, but also from a boil on the butt that had decided to pop up a couple day ago. From Timang, it was pretty hard going. I was pushing a lot. The terrain was steep and not very forgiving. Continue reading