Pain in the butt, but loving it

Tourers think the world of it (well, their butts do anyway). Many swear by it and would never subject their behinds to anything less. We’re talking about that British icon of the bicycle world — the all-leather Brooks saddles, and I finally got my hands on one, thanks to my good friend Yin who came back from a shopping spree in Hong Kong recently.

For now, I have no choice but to suffer the almost rock-hard leather during the breaking-in period. Eventually, after about 500kms or so, the seat-bones should begin to make an impression … literally. Once that happens, it will be like a butt hammock 🙂 Or so, I’ve been promised.

I can’t wait for that day to come.

Holding up bottoms since 1866. B17s come in a nice little box. The tin of Proofide and the propriety Brooks saddle wrench for tightening the saddle when it stretches are extras. Actually, Brooks saddles now come with free wrenches, but I needed the Proofide so no choice, I had to get the restoration kit.

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