Munda Biddi. A ride through the Great Australian bush. Pt 3. Wungong to Dandalup camp.

Pt 3. Wungong to Dandalup camp.

We’re going to town today – the historic town of Jarrahdale, a designated resupply stop for most riders on the Munda Biddi.

But not for us. Sandy and I are still well-stocked with food. It’s only been 2 nights on the trail, after all.

From Wungong, it’s a short 14km ride to the town, 12 of which is on the sealed Jarrahdale Road that cuts across the Munda Biddi.


Taking a photo of the photographer

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Munda Biddi. A ride through the Great Australian Bush. Pt 4. Dandalup to Nanga Mill Camp

Pt 4. Dandalup to Nanga Mill Camp

It rained throughout night, driving the temperature down even lower. But we were snug inside our warm sleeping bags, and the patter of rain on the metal roof only helped to lull us into easy sleep.

We woke up this morning to a dazzling, full-arched rainbow right in front of us. What a sight to behold. The light morning drizzle must have had something to do with that. Continue reading