Increasing fibre intake for better health

Once upon a time, I was a roadie. My first speed-steed was an electric-blue, Italian-made Detto, and I had loads of fun with it. I raced regularly on it, too — mostly around Penang island where I used to live.

Steel was real then. I remember my housemate Tom Smith who rode a custom-built Reynolds 531 bike. Very light, very fast and super responsive, and it cost an arm and a leg (two legs if I counted in RM instead of pound sterling).

Since getting my Surly Long Haul Trucker, I’ve been  doing a fair bit of road riding … so much so that the roadie that was buried deep inside in me began to resurface. So I did what any sane bicycle enthusiast would do…I succumbed to it.

I had been eyeing the full-carbon 2009 Giant TCR Advanced 3, and research seemed to point to this as the best-bang-for-the-ringgit ride (I am kinda partial to Giant bikes). So I bought it.

The TCR Advanced 3 is a monocoque full-carbon wonder; compact, light and more importantly, stiffer even than last year’s TCR, especially the bottom bracket.

Nice bike … but one decal too many, if you ask me. If I had my way, I’d also drop the double strip of yellow on the top tube.

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