Day2. Puncture #3!!!

Well, it seems the tyre gods are not smiling on me today. It’s puncture no. 3. And just when I thought it was all going well…good lunch, the thought of tea at Bharat…

3 times unlucky means something is not right. So upon closer examination, a thorough one this time. I found the culprit–the same little sliver of sharp wire embedded in the tyre. And to think I ran my hand inside the entire tyre after puncture #2 and still missed it. Oh well…. Shoul be ok now

Tapah in the rain

From Bidor, it was cats and dogs all the way to tapah. But we had no choice. It was already late and the distance is manageable all the to the campsite at kuala woh. The other 2 uncles Yin and Chew both of whom drove to kampar and started their 30 km ride from there were already at the campsite. Last post for the day. Don’t expect to have coverage there.