Day 3. End of ride

I almost didn’t make my 4pm bus. Instead of turning right at simpang pulai, I went left and made for gopeng 13 km away thinking that taman Medan gopeng must surely be in gopeng. Turns out it’s actually less than 5 km from the junction. So I really had to hustle covering the 18km in abt 35 min, taking into consideration that I was tired, the sun had come out to play, I hadn’t had lunch yet, and of course, I was lugging 2 panniers, a tent and the self inflatable mattress that I never got to use (good weight training tho) and my bus was leaving at 4 sharp. I made it with 15 minutes to spare.

I bought some food and drink and proceeded to the bus. The driver upon seeing my bike said “kena charge ni” I said “berapa?” “Aiya…cukup minum kopi boleh la”. I gave the robber rm5

The Transnasional bus is nice tho. There were only 10 passengers so I went and sat in the Club class section. I should be home by 7. The wife is picking me up from Jalan Duta station. After that last bus-chasing run, I decided it might be wiser not to ride home.

Day 3. At simpang pulai

One of the nicest rides. All cloud cover, cold, and a bit wet. Suffered another puncture again. All my tubes are patched twice each. Went through the inside of the tyre mm by mm and found not 1 but 2 tiny slivers of sharp wires that worked it’s way through the tyre. Stopped at kg raja to change tube and was helped by 2 local guys, both mt bikers from KRI Ipoh. One of them even went home and got me a new tube to keep as spare, just in case. But I made it down to simpang pulai no problem. Now on the way to gopeng 10km away to catch the 4pm bus.


Day 3. Up to simpang pulai

Ron, Joseph, Cheryl and Patsy have decided to go back down to tapah the same way we came up. Which means all downhill. Me, I’ve decided to stick to my original plan to finish the loop via simpang pulai and then take the bus home from gopeng.

The weather is nice and cool. Very misty in the hills ahead. All tubes have been repatched, or rather added more patches. Apparently, there were 2 tiny punctures instead and that was why it suffered slow leaks. All’s well now…

I’m off.

Day 2. At Tanah Rata

It would seem that we were not destined to camp after all. Arriving at the campsite we were greeted by sounds of dangdut blaring out from a karaoke set. Some 200 campers, Malay families, had booked the whole place. Oh well, back to town to look for cheap digs for the night.

When I say cheap, I didn’t expect it to be as cheap as rm12 a room –well, if it can be called a room. I’m quite sure my store room is bigger.

Day2. Puncture #3!!!

Well, it seems the tyre gods are not smiling on me today. It’s puncture no. 3. And just when I thought it was all going well…good lunch, the thought of tea at Bharat…

3 times unlucky means something is not right. So upon closer examination, a thorough one this time. I found the culprit–the same little sliver of sharp wire embedded in the tyre. And to think I ran my hand inside the entire tyre after puncture #2 and still missed it. Oh well…. Shoul be ok now