Pt 4. Dandalup to Nanga Mill Camp

It rained throughout night, driving the temperature down even lower. But we were snug inside our warm sleeping bags, and the patter of rain on the metal roof only helped to lull us into easy sleep.

We woke up this morning to a dazzling, full-arched rainbow right in front of us. What a sight to behold. The light morning drizzle must have had something to do with that.

 I’ll take that as a divine sign of approval – blessed are those who suffered and pushed their way up to this campsite

Today, we head towards Nanga Mill instead of the official Munda Biddi Bidjar Ngoulin campsite. A recent bush fire has devastated the area, including Bidjar Ngoulin. Part of the trail is also inaccessible so there’s a bit of detour as well.

After yesterday’s ride, I’m taking the touring route today. It’s easier but not any less scenic. I expect to hit the ex-logging town of Dwellingup by lunchtime and then head towards Nanga Mill using the main road.

As usual, Sandy goes on ahead while I take my time with breakfast. The morning has been so gloriously inspiring and I am so loathe to leave this beautiful campsite but … Munda Biddi beckons.


It’s not often one gets to appreciate nature when it calls. There’s no one around so I leave the door open to enjoy the view.


Much ado about a loo…


It’s a different trail leading out of the camp, and more importantly, it’s a down-hiller.


I head out towards Scarp Road …


…and on to the very nice and smooth Del Park Road.


But soon, I tire of the tarmac and I head back into the trail nearing Dwellingup …


… passing through some farms.




As I emerge from the trail at Dwellingup, my stomach steers me towards Dwellingup Community Hotel. I see Sandy at a table out front. He’s treated himself to a well-deserved beer. Seems there’s a pub inside. The quiet exterior belies a noisy crowd inside. Through the glass panes I can see most of them busy dispatching liquid lunches.


Sandy takes his leave while I wait for my order of Hawaiian Pizza (of all things). We agree to meet up at Nanga Brook later, as he’s keen to ride the trails as much as he can. Me? I’m just enjoying the ride; I don’t really mind if it’s on-road or off-road



Nanga Brook Campground is a sprawling reserve with a few camping options. The one we’re heading to is Nanga Mill, a free campsite (obviously).

After riding around a bit I find the place. Sandy has already arrived by then so we start looking for a perfect spot under the pine trees to pitch the tent.

It’s a beautiful campsite but a bit crowded with weekend car and caravan campers. We’re the only cycle-tourers.



Yep, that’s the one…free campsite.



There’s a toilet facility nearby but no water supply. We contemplate filtering water from the small brook running across the campsite but Sandy, after a chat with our neighbours, charms the mother of 2 big bottles of water for us.



I’m still stuffed from the lunch pizza (which I couldn’t finish and had it doggy-bagged) so I had the leftovers for dinner and we both decide to call it an early night.

It’s single-digit cold and my 5Cº sleeping bag just barely held up for the night. Maybe that’s why there were no all-night parties going on.

Next: Nanga Brook to Lake Brockman

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