Pt 7. Yarri to Bunbury and end of Munda Biddi ride.

Today, I’m leaving the Munda Biddi and heading for Bunbury to meet up with Alvin who’s driving down from Perth to meet me.

My Munda Biddi adventure is officially done but it looks like I could still be riding a bit of the trail again tomorrow. Al and I have planned a car-camping overniter at Honeymoon Pool campsite, which is near the Munda Biddi trail.

He’s even bringing his restored 1993 Bridgestone MB3 mountain bike along so I intend to let him have a taste of the Munda Biddi while we’re there.

Sandy, my Munda Biddi buddy for the last 6 days, is barely a quarter of the ride done, so he still has some ways to go. I will miss our daily rendezvous at the end of each day’s ride.

We even share the same obsession with our caffeine requirements — brewed fresh with an Aeropress and freshly ground beans.


See ya Sandy, we’ll meet again in this lifetime, I’m sure. It’s been a privilege to have made your acquaintance.


All-alone selfie before I hit the trail. The morning is a cold 5Cº but the sun is cheering me on. It’ll be a good day…


Back on Lancaster Road



then Myles Road leading to…


Mornington Road, all farms and rolling green meadows on both sides of the road, and best of all … it’s all downhill…


…until I hit the South Western Highway, straight, smooth and not a pothole in sight. The white thingies on the line marking the shoulder are warning bumps designed to keep vehicles in their lane (and me safely on the inside). You can hear the staccato howling of wheels when they inadvertently veer onto them. Occasionally, a double-trailer road train would hurtle pass me, briefly jolting me in its slipstream as it races down the highway. A bit scary at first, but they keep to their space so I guess it’s quite safe.


Civilisation on the South Western


Off the highway, it’s a quiet ride through Roelands.



Lavender in full bloom at Seahteau, Alvin’s friend Lolita’s beautiful one-acre holiday home in Roelands where we’re staying for the night.


Al arrives from Perth just about the same time as me.


Homegrown oranges from Lolita’s garden.


A lovely, citrus-y welcome from Lolita.


You’d look this good too after a long ride. Helmet hair goes well with a bottle of VB. Thanks Al 🙂


Al’s mouthwatering masterpiece for dinner.


Gone in a flash…….and I’m still hungry.


Next: Camping at Honeymoon Pool and yet a bit of Munda Biddi.

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