Pt 8. Camping at Honeymoon Pool

After a week of ‘roughing’ it out at Munda Biddi campsites, the luxury of sleeping in a heated room is nice for a change. I could get used to this too.

But, here we are, going back into the bush again for another adventure.

The pastor is very eager to go camping so he bought a brand new tent just for the occasion. It’s a lovely bright mauve in colour … very honeymoonish, I must say.


Love The Fold mobile (LTF, get it?). All loaded and ready for camping and a bit of riding at Honeymoon Pool.


Enroute, Al takes me sightseeing around the lush Ferguson Valley, popular with weekenders and motorbikers.


At a Ferguson Valley visitor farm.


After Ferguson Valley, we head to the tiny town of Dardanup for lunch. This is Dardanup’s Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.


Freshly baked pie, soup and bread from the Dardanup bakery. My jar of Dick Smith’s peanut butter comes in handy.



After a long winding drive, we arrived at Honeymoon Pool. Al’s tent tries to blend in with the bush.

Honeymoon Pool is located inside Wellington National Park along the Collie River. It’s an easily accessible site very popular with weekenders.

It being a weekday, there are only a few campers in the park, just the way I like my campsites.

This is a paid campsite, and park rangers come by early in the morning while you’re still floating in dreamland to collect the $10 a head fee before you get a chance to run away.

How Honeymoon Pool got its name
An excerpt from

Clearings along the Collie River have been popular as local campsites for many years. Honeymoon Pool is thought to have been named after it was established as a base camp for army training during WWII, and when the soldiers arrived they found several couples camped there for their honeymoons.


The Collie River that runs through the campsite



Clean, clear and freezing cold.

As we are getting ready for our ride, guess who comes riding by the campsite? My Munda Biddi buddy Sandy from Sydney!

What a pleasant surprise. Sandy had stayed the night at the town of Collie to restock his supplies and was now on the way to Nglang Boodjar, the next Munda Biddi campsite about a half hour ride away.

Sandy takes off for the campsite while we agreed to meet up with him there. Al and I get ready (cheese, half a bottle of wine and other snacks in a pannier) and make our way there.

Friendly ducks roaming the campsite.


It was great to see the familiar yellow and blue Munda Biddi signpost again.


Making short work of a downhill switchback.

Riding on the Munda Biddi from Honeymoon Pool to Nglang Boodjar campsite.


Visiting with Sandy at Nglang Boodjar


Back at the campsite, we get down to some serious campfire making. We’re very lucky to find a bunch of wood nearby all cut and ready for the fire pit.

It’s just as well…the temperature is dropping fast into low single-digit numbers.



Later, a wallabi comes by to visit. I think my shoes killed the little guy’s appetite for the rest of the night.



Cold? Your bet it was. I wore everything last night trying to stay warm in the night when it  dropped to 3Cº



Hot breakfast on the way.



These camp ducks know how to live dangerously


Very, very tempting…roast duck wouldn’t be too bad for breakfast


Park ranger smiling …after being paid.


Next: Riding around Perth with friends.



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