I’m only seeing Junee this evening after class, so I have some time on my hands. I’ve decided to ride to Malpe Beach for the day. It’s only about 10kms away and, minus the panniers, it’s going to be an effortless ride. But first, more serious business at hand …

The signs were there. They had been stepped on too many times, forced to work in the rain, dragged through mud, exposed to the hot sun day after day, then chucked aside at the end of a long day.

They need some love now. They’re my trusty Shimano shoes that I’ve used for many years now.

The front part of the sole of one shoe has come unglued. When I pick it up, it looks at me with a big yawn. I should ride into town and look for a cobbler.

I find one at the bus station. He takes one look at it and gets to work immediately. He doesn’t speak any English but I can understand his gestures. He first glues, then sews the sole onto the shoe. He tells me I might as well get the other one done while he’s at it. That’s what I call good customer-service.

In India, a cobbler is quite the versatile repairman. Midway repairing my shoes, while waiting for the glue to dry, he repairs a pair of beat-up sandals and replaces a zipper on a bag, while the customers wait. This guy is amazingly efficient. And cheap, too. He charges me a mere 80R for a great repair job. My Shimanos now have a few more years of life extended.










With feeling-like-new shoes, I head for Malpe Beach, via busy Malpe Port.





Malpe Beach, another unspoiled gem of a paradise. Here, unlike the other beaches I’ve ridden through, the houses are painted in bright, intense colours, giving the landscape quite a contrast and colourful splash-back to the surrounding green, brown and blue hues.



The closest colour I can think of is ‘ochre’



Deep mauve, perhaps?



This one is more like Bianchi’s famous ‘celeste’, with artistic patches.



Almost every imaginable shade and hue is represented here. My vocabulary of colours was exhausted pretty quick








Even wells are not spared.




With my daughter Junee, the doctor-to-be.



Taking the bus to town. Only 9R. On Saturday, we’ll take an 8-hr train ride back to Cochin, from where we catch our flight home to Kuala Lumpur.



================================= END =============================






2 thoughts on “South India. Days 11-13. Udupi, Malpe.

  1. Amazing cobbler and a lucky find too …… 80 rupees is damn cheap …… Only RM 4? You cannot get this job done elsewhere for this small sum …. In Malaysia at least Rm 30 ….. Hahahahaaaa ….. A good place to retire at Rm 1000 a month is more than sufficient……

    • Good place for you to retire cheaply…all the roti canai you can eat haha. Cost of living very low here, and it’s such a beautiful country.

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