Today is the last leg of my Cochin–Udupi tour. It’s taken me a leisurely 11 days to cover an almost flat 500+ kms. Today’s distance is about 85kms so I’m on the road early by 7am, just as I promised the front desk of the hotel when I was given the special room rate that I bargained for.


I’m looking forward to reaching Udupi not so much as the end of the ride but because I’ll finally get to see my little girl Junee who I last saw 6 months ago as the start of her semester. Her exams finish on Friday and on Saturday, we’ll be off home together, first by train to Cochin then a flight back home. Once I reach Udupi, I’ll have a few days to chill, and hang out with her a bit.

The road out of Mangalore is quiet at this hour. It also seems to be a bit cooler as I head further up north. During these early months of the year, there’s little chance of rain, only blue skies and a bright sun in the daytime.

I’m still on NH17, but surprisingly, the road is so much smoother than the segment before Mangalore. There’s even a wide shoulder to ride on. Can’t ask for more. NH17 is not a road to enjoy riding on so I’m looking forward to detouring to the coastal road before reaching Udupi.


Is there anything else besides dosa for breakfast? Not much, except prata, capati or idly. I prefer the healthier dosa.


A capati on the griddle


By 10am, I’ve done almost 40 kms.


If I stick to NH17, it’s only 39 kms left to Udupi


But I’d rather detour towards the coast first. Here I’m checking out Pady Lighthouse on Kapu Beach. It’s getting a bit hot in the day.



Teatime at Kapu Beach…egg sandwich Indian style.


Even the dogs are friendly here


Life along the coast is as slow they come.


Unhurried and unharried, why would folks like these want to live in the city?

From Kapu Beach, I head towards Pithrody Udyavar Beach, a sliver of land that hugs the mainland. Like the other beaches I have seen, this one is just as pristine and as unspoilt. No fancy resorts here either. In fact, I did not even see anything that resembled a guest-house or a BnB anywhere along this 17km-long strip of paradise.



Some sections of Pithrody Udyavar is so narrow it’s hardly 100 metres across. I wasn’t sure if there’s a ferry at the end of this long peninsula so I turned back at the halfway point. I found out later there’s a ferry that goes across to Malpe port, which is just 10kms from Udupi.


Heading back inland, I cross a few bridges. The scenery is still enchanting…


…until I get nearer to Udupi.


Manipal University, that’s where my girl is..

I won’t be able to see Junee until tomorrow after her last paper. In the meantime, I’ll just check in to Pallaki Inn, my home for the next 4 days.


One thought on “South India. Day 11. Mangalore to Udupi

  1. Hello..helpful post..will b traveling in march first week..needed little info..about Pithrody udvyar..from kaup beach is tis place reachable but road ..and 17km strip long..u mentioned ferry at maple port…is tis place reachable by ferry..will b traveling wit 6yr old kid so will there b restaurant around to eat…how long can we stay on tis beach..

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