When the pain is gone.

A broken bone is no fun. That’s a fact.

But, there’s a certainty that can be expected of every broken bone. In time it will heal. That and after numerous visits with the orthopedic surgeon, my good friend Doctor Ong from Sri Kota Specialists Centre in Klang, and the hospital’s physio-therapist.

The pain is a distant memory now. My wrist is healed; well, as much as it can be healed given the circumstances. It’s not as good as before; flexion, pronation and supination is maybe 85% of its original condition. Unfortunately, I’m also not at the fitness level I was before, in spite of the running I did when my wrist was still healing and didn’t hurt as much.

If I want to erase a couple of inches off my girth, I’d have to ride a little harder.

The dreaded start to my physio sessions — the molten wax treatment, to soften the wrist.

Fully covered with wax. To know what it feels like, simply drip candle wax on your arm … a lot of it.

Wrapped in plastic …

and then a towel to slow-cook it for 15 minutes.

Pre-exercise measurement.

Strengthening the fingers

The closest I ever got to pedalling during recovery

Now, I’m happily riding my bikes again, both pedal- and petrol-powered ones.

My Kawasaki Versys, which I use mostly for commuting to work (and which only had its engine revved up once a week just so it got a workout standing still) is splitting the car-congested lanes again.

Even my trusty Land Cruiser off-roader, which had been languishing under the tree these past months, have had its much needed dose of mud slathered all over its wheels and underbelly recently.

My Titus is shredding Kiara’s twisty technical trails again, my Giant is racking up the miles on the tarmac again and my Surly…well, it only gets taken out for cycle-tours. A 2-week trip has been planned for Hokkaido in August but this time, the Surly may have to stay hung on the wall. A contender is in the house – a Bike Friday Pocket Expedition folding bike, courtesy of Alvin Lee of lovethefold.com. We’ll see how it goes.

My first ride on my Giant road bike. It wasn’t comfortable..the wrist couldn’t flex enough and I had to ride gingerly over bumps

My first ride in Kiara (here on Bar-a-kuda trail). I craved the rush and adrenaline but…prudence prevailed, that and the slight pain I’m still feeling so I took it easy.

The Bike Friday is on loan from my dear friend specifically for my Hokkaido trip. The easy access to Shinkansens, or Bullet trains, dictates that folding bikes are the best 2-wheelers to bring if you want it to be legally carried aboard as hand-luggage (have to be bagged, though). That and the fact that it’s a 1,000km plus one-way ride and not a loop.

My rear has long been spoilt by the fully-broken-in shiny Brooks so I transferred it over from the Surly, as well as the Time pedals, without which, I simply cannot pedal smoothly.

So yes, life has gone on.

Life is good.


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