Bike hack — making a Brooks saddle even more comfortable

A Brooks saddle, after a few thousand kms of riding on it, will conform naturally to the seat-bones of the owner’s bum, making it more comfortable to ride on. But, when the saddle softens and stretches to conform, the sides tend to flare out a bit. And I’ve always noticed that riding on it again after a long absence hurts my inner thighs. I’ve also noticed that after a few days on the road, the pain will wear off… more likely the muscles got used to it.

I’ve been looking at it and I know it doesn’t have to be so. In fact, Brooks has a model that will never flare at the sides — the B17 S Imperial, which looks like this….

So… I went looking for a leather goods shop to hack some holes into it to look like the Imperial. I found one at Amcorp mall, manned by 2 young boys who were wondering what on earth this customer was doing carrying a bicycle saddle into their shop….

Anyway, they were nice enough to do it for me for just RM5. They guy was very careful about it too. I guess he was appreciative of a fine piece of leatherwork.

Before, with indicator marks from the puncher


Punching begins

After. 6 lovely holes that I can now lace up to keep the flared sides firmly down. It’s so much nicer riding on it now.

3 thoughts on “Bike hack — making a Brooks saddle even more comfortable

  1. i have a leather punch from when i customized an old austro daimler with leather handlebar, portage strap, a tool box and water bottle cage recycling my moms old leather jacket. It was bomb, unfortunately i had to sell it because the frame size wasnt quite my size. but i made bank, so its all good. now i traded my almost brand new trek hybrid for a 1995-1997 bianchi volpe. the lady was pretty nice because she recognized that it needed a lot of work, no rust but a lot of bruises on the frame, the center chainring is pretty mcuh shattered. the handlebar tape falling apart and it had a womans seat clearly needed replacing. the rims are heavy stock models with lots of rubber burned into it and somewhat decent tires. I love it tho and so the making the turd shine begins with a brooks saddle. I may or may not wait to do the hole punching. imperials is out of my budget and thats for when i finally get a colnago done right.

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