An overnight ride to Frasers Hill

It’s just 2 weeks to my impending tour of Sichuan, and I haven’t ridden my Surly in quite awhile, since Mae Hong Son actually. So I thought it would be a good idea to do an overnight tour to familiarise my bum to the Brooks saddle again after the leave of absence.

Frasers Hill was the destination, taking a counter-clockwise route via Gombak, Bentong and Tranum. Winston, newbie tourer with a brand new Surly and all the necessary accessories, would be my companion.

Starting and ending from where I live in Shah Alam, the total distance would be around 260km. We’d stay the night at Frasers Hill in a friend’s holiday apartment, and the next morning, we’d ride home via Kuala Kubu Baru and the backroads of Rawang, just so we we’ll avoid the old trunk road as much as possible. It is also fortunate that the next day being a Labour Day weekend holiday, our backsides would have plenty of time to recover.

All in all, it was a good ride. We chalked up 260km riding from door to door, definitely a great warm-up to my Sichuan trip…..

Chong Loo, the nearly-tourer, came to see us off. Later, he would buzz by us on his BMW Xcountry motorcycle on a day-trip to Cameron Highlands. On my trusty Surly is a 50 litre Ortlieb dry bag belonging to Chong Loo that I'm checking out. It's waaay too big

On the gloomy, busy DUKE hiway, a few km from the exit to Gombak

Newbie tourer resting his butt after the Brooks saddle gave him a hard time. It's ok Winston, you only have to ride another 900km or so before it's broken in

At the top of Genting Sempah

Refuelling at Kg Bukit Tinggi

After Bentong, and on the lonely road to Tranum, we stopped by this little one-street village serving mostly palm oil smallholdings

The next village was Kg Sang Lee. Durians are their business. In fact, most durians from this region are exported to Kiasuland where they fetch a better price

They also worship the Land Rover here

At Tranum, we crossed this footbridge to look for food at the Chinese village of Tras, another durian-growing town

It was pitch dark after dinner at Tras. We only had my one Magicshine light between us so we decided to try and hire transport ie the Hilux above, to get to The Gap. No go, as Mr Hong, the guy we talked to, was heading out to Bentong for dinner with friends. He did however, graciously allowed us to stay the night in the big hall downstairs. At the time, we didnt know that nice Mr Hong wasnt even the owner...

The well-appointed lodgings at Hotel Tranum. At least it was clean and cool. The baskets are for durians which the real owner of the house, Mr Tan (next pic)...

... is a big trader of in these parts. Here, we're having coffee with them at Tras

Mr Hong from Muar -- durian trader and good friend of Mr Tan. So good a friend that he let us stay here without even asking Mr Tan frst 🙂

Mr Hong's friendly Orang Asli helper insisted that we had a taste of a D24 before we headed off to Frasers.

The start of a long climb. Quite gentle though.

Just before The Gap

Nasi Lemak and teh tarik at The Gap

It was still nice and cloudy when we hit the bottom of the hill, and the Sg Selangor dam

Bypassing the main roads, we even detoured to an offroad section in Rawang. Here, we're just next to the North-South expressway. This section is near the northbound R&R stop.

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