Day 3. End of ride

I almost didn’t make my 4pm bus. Instead of turning right at simpang pulai, I went left and made for gopeng 13 km away thinking that taman Medan gopeng must surely be in gopeng. Turns out it’s actually less than 5 km from the junction. So I really had to hustle covering the 18km in abt 35 min, taking into consideration that I was tired, the sun had come out to play, I hadn’t had lunch yet, and of course, I was lugging 2 panniers, a tent and the self inflatable mattress that I never got to use (good weight training tho) and my bus was leaving at 4 sharp. I made it with 15 minutes to spare.

I bought some food and drink and proceeded to the bus. The driver upon seeing my bike said “kena charge ni” I said “berapa?” “Aiya…cukup minum kopi boleh la”. I gave the robber rm5

The Transnasional bus is nice tho. There were only 10 passengers so I went and sat in the Club class section. I should be home by 7. The wife is picking me up from Jalan Duta station. After that last bus-chasing run, I decided it might be wiser not to ride home.

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