What happens when timber lorry meets puny cyclist?

Well, if said timber lorry is already lying on its sides, puny cyclist whips out camera phone and snap a few shots to document the rare occasion. That’s what happened last weekend, halfway up the winding inclines of Genting Sempah, on my way to Bentong, about 50km away. Today’s ride was to be a round trip, starting from the Orang Asli hospital in Gombak, up and down the mountain and on to Bentong and then up down the mountain again on the way back.

This accident was definitely a case of overconfidence, over-speeding or just plain recklessness. Either way, it calls for note-to-self to be very, very wary of these 10-wheelers coming in the opposite direction when riding up this winding road. One of my friends had already had a first-hand experience meeting one of these monsters on one of his rides here …  he survived but it was a very painful encounter.

Co-driver: "You got see last Sunday's Shanghai F1 race ah? That Nico Rosberg ah... fuyoh...never change to wet tyre ... some more can win 3rd place woh!" Driver: "Ya man, his team-mate Michael Schumacher no good oredi...I better than him, man.... Wo!!! Is that a sharp corner coming up?"

I wood hate to be under all that load ...

2 thoughts on “What happens when timber lorry meets puny cyclist?

  1. wow, when I frist read your header… I were like “shit” what happeend… only to realize that it’s just a photo session 🙂

    ride safe.

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