Delft is another one of many charming towns in Netherlands. Most of the buildings here date a back a few hundred years. Even the house that Bee Suan is staying in is more than a hundred years old. They may be old but most of them are kept in good condition and still command a considerable sum on the open market.

Besides staying another day to explore the town, I would also be shopping around for a proper map, one that can take me all the way to Bruges in Belgium. Bee Suan took me to a specialist travel shop and I finally settled on a cycling map of Northern Netherlands. It wasn’t detailed but it featured all the numbered cycling paths as well as major ones like The North Sea Cycle Route which I intend to follow until I turned off at the town of Sluis on the Dutch/Belgian border. It was good enough that I wouldn’t get lost so easily.

The rest of the day I spent exploring the lovely town of Delft ..








Another lovely dinner prepared by Bee Suan.





4 thoughts on “Day 11, 15 Sep, Exploring Delft

  1. Hi Michael,
    good to hear from you again, it`s really fun to read your story and look at the fotos. Just sent me your e-mail adress, please. I don´t know where i put it.

  2. Matt, any garmin can do the job. I didn’t have a map installed then but I did have waypoints loaded (using googlemaps). The most important task of the garmin for me is the tracking feature. I like to keep a record of all my rides, and nothing can be more accurate and detailed than a GPS recorded track 🙂

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