Day 9, Sun 13 Sep, exploring Amsterdam Pt 2. Bikes, bikes and more bikes.

More of Amsterdam … and the kind of bikes the Dutch ride on ….

cool carriers

Bike parking, Dutch style

I went into a supermarket and came out to see someone had simply leaned his bike on mine. Don't park here if you're afraid of scratches.

I'm not sure if I want to rent a DAM bike

nice fenders

For tourists. It rode like recumbent.

space for 2 kids and some shopping bags

Bike parking, haphazard Dutch style

A secured and FREE bike parking lot. Whoever heard of such a thing, except in Amsterdam? They're open from 7.30am till 11.30pm! Great for kiasu Surly owners visiting town 🙂

The man with blond hair is the man in charge. Here's he's helping a customer.

I'll bet she has a pair of pretty strong legs

The owner must have forgotten his bike, or forgotten where he has left it.







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