Day 9, Sun 13 Sep, exploring Amsterdam Pt 1

Camping by the edge of the water had been a good choice. With the tent door open, I was treated to a very captivating nature scene.

The view from my tent. It was also a very cold morning ... the wind was quite strong and the sun had not yet broken through the clouds. With a cup of hot coffee and some breakfast going, I was very reluctant to come out of the tent so I simply lounged around ... then some friends came a calling ...

First, it was this white goose ...

It casually strode right into my tent looking for a free meal

Then a whole bunch of mallards came along, having gotten wind of the food

There was also this poor fellow -- a one-legged mallard which was bullied by the goose when I tried to feed it as well.

Me, outside my tent

The rest of today’s journal is best told in a few thousand words’ worth of  pictures. I had fun, I finally visited Amsterdam which is an immensely beautiful and charming city … well, the old, central part of Amsterdam is, anyway.

You can even do a tour of Amsterdam by canoe

Central train station

not the straightest of houses but that's Amsterdam

Where the man is coming out from is an actual street, the narrowest one in Holland.

This funky looking car is not much longer than my bike. It runs on some kind of tiny 2-stroke engine

Besides free parking, there's also free peeing... I couldn't bring myself to use one of these things.

Another free peeing station, for those a little more modest

Amsterdam by night







One thought on “Day 9, Sun 13 Sep, exploring Amsterdam Pt 1

  1. Very charming town indeed. With the bicycle I reckon it is not easy to visit indoor attraction that required you to leave yr bike locked up outside. How to you overcome this? There are some secure bicycle parking (in a enclosure) but am not sure how common these are.

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