Day 3, 7 Sep, Geisenheim — adding more equipment

Being spoilt by Eva with another wonderful breakfast — a pie with fresh plums in season accompanied by fresh cream … yummy

After breakfast Eva drove me to Rudesheim to find the front rack and panniers. The first shop we visited was an impressive looking one, but it turned out to be a high-end mountain bike specialist. So off we went to another shop around the corner.

This time, I found what I wanted – a Tubus Ergo low-rider, and a pair of grey Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus front panniers to match my red ones. They weren’t cheap at 180 Euros (and that after asking, and getting, a 10% discount in typical Malaysian style).

The Germans live up to their reputation for efficiency; here the workshop is separate from the showroom and very professionally run

Just outside the showroom, I couldn’t help noticing these bike boxes with a rather unique (to us anyway:) brand of low-cost kids’ bikes. I don’t think we’ll see it here in Malaysia anytime soon. (‘PUKY’ sounds exactly the same as PUKI in Malay, a derogatory version of vagina)


By then, it was already 12 noon, and after an hour or so, I figured it all out and managed to install the rack properly. For the panniers, first-time installation would also require fine-tuning but once it was done, putting it on and removing it is a breeze.

My next destination was Koblenze, 70 km away and it didn’t seem like I was going to be able to make it – especially when it would take me another and hour or so just to repack everything according to the new arrangement. So, I decided to impose on Eva’s hospitality one more night and hit the cycle paths of the Rhine tomorrow instead. Eva, as usual, was very gracious and agreed that it would be better to leave instead. Of course, Mavin would have to forego his room again, and I would enjoy the melodic chimes of the church next door for one more day.

Tomorrow, I would also be able to use the tent that I brought for the trip. I had also intended to camp by the riverside at one of Koblenze’s campsites that was situated at the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine.

Next: Enjoying the most beautiful part of the Rhine between Bingen, just opposite Geisenheim on the other side of the Rhine, and Koblenze.





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