Rest is good. Forced rest is not good.

I’m in the latter category now. And I’m really suffering — not from the pain of a serious sprain to my left ankle, but the fact that I’m grounded for 4, maybe 6 weeks ….. sigh. No biking, no running or any activity that imposes a load on the joint; besides walking, that is.

It all happened in a split second — while trail-running inside the lush  Kota Damansara Forest where a newly-built biking/hiking trail had just opened for public use.

The plan was simple — mountain bike a few rounds then run a few rounds around the 2 km or so tight and twisty circuit. The biking was great, after which, I loaded the bike back onto the pick-up and swapped the SPDs for running shoes. So far, so good.

As I reached the end of the trail, coming down a gentle incline, my left foot slipped and the ankle twisted outwards. A sharp pain coursed through it, and I had to sit down for a few minutes. The only thought that came to my mind – ‘darn, there goes Xterra … and I was so looking forward to it’

This wasn’t the first time I had sprained my ankle, but it was the worst I had ever experienced. According to runner-doctor, William Chan, whom I consulted the next day, it was a grade 3 inversion sprain — the worst … compounded by torn ligaments.

Oh well, relax la … at least I can still swim, albeit with a pull-buoy.


Nice calcium


Getting ready for the ice-pack and the 'electric shock' treatment


Cold and shocking at the same time... quite nice, actually.

4 thoughts on “Rest is good. Forced rest is not good.

  1. Mike,

    We were there at KD digging up some new trails yesterday, but majority of the exhausting cangkul jobs were done by commision orang asli.

    I wouldn’t advice anyone to run there, hike is more appropriate as the terrain wasn’t smooth at all, another friend did sprain his ankle like you running the trails last time.

    Take care and hope u recover soon.


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